• SmokeCage Junior 9"


    SmokeCage Junior is the original, nutshell woodsmoke generator designed for use in all styles of grills.  Foremost it's a tong-friendly, 'must-have' accessory for your outdoor cooking tool kit that is simple to use.  No need to wait for drippy, soaked messy wood chips!  It generates flavorful food-grade smoke, not mess, in one-third the time so you start cooking right away!  

    Grill all of your favorite foods (steaks, chops, poultry, game, and veggies too!) with the benefit of added flavorful woodsmoke in just a few minutes -- in any grill.  When using a lump, or pressed charcoal grill, lay the SmokeCage Junior next to ready coals.  Food will pick up a wonderful, light woodsmoke flavor while you cook.  You'll be nicely surprised at how much better your food will taste.

    Using the SmokeCage Junior with your gas grill is very easy.  Simply pack SmokeCage Junior with any of our proven FlavorFuel® products.  Snug the lid and place horizontally on the grill rack.  Light grill as usual but use the high setting for approximately six to eight minutes. Close that grill cover!  When steady stream of smoke starts, dial back your grill setting to desired cooking temp to allow SmokeCage® Junior to keep on smokin' while you grill with the convenience of a gas flame.

    SmokeCage Junior adds great woodsmoke flavor and aroma just like traditional barbecue cooking.  American-made in Texas from high-grade steel for long-lasting and repeated use.

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