• FlavorFuel Infusion

    $9.95 $9.95

    Smoke?  Cocktail Smoke? Sublime cocktail smoke -- that adds flavor?  Real Pecan Shell smoke adds a 'Southern Style' refined depth of character to otherwise bland food and drink.  You need to look no further as we've gone ahead and made it available to you now.

    We're the folks who pioneered the nutshell smoke flavor adjunt for outdoor cooking on gas grills.  We're offering a step up for your indoor culinary game: FlavorFuel Infusion.  All of a sudden there are no more obstacles to creating a value-added culinary experience, because we all know that life is too short to eat bad food or drink cheap liquor!

    For mere pennies per serving, you will elevate your cocktail experience from pedestrian to 'Oh Lovey, have you seen my money belt dear?'

    As featured at Frank's Whiskey Place at 331 E. Market Place in downtown Louisville Kentucky (ground zero for planet earth bourbon!) in their delicious pecan smoked Old Fashioned.  FlavorFuel Infusion has been paired up with OLD CROW sour mash bourbon that Dr. James C. Crow would be proud of.  If you're in Louisville for business or pleasure be sure to stop on by, say hello, and have a proper sip!

    Each four ounce jar is hand made right here in good ole Texas USA.  This will be a valued addition to your home gadgetry arsenal with just a small investment in yourself.