Our story:

We started this business almost two decades ago, way back in 2003. Our beginnings are rooted in a factory tour of the old Sunshine Nut Company in Selma, Texas. At that time, I was their national accounts ingredient sales broker. During an educational tour of the facility, their Plant Manager proudly stated they were processing nearly twenty million pounds of pecans each year -- and, did I know that half of the weight of a pecan was the meat? I said: 'so what do you do with the other half (the shells)'? He replied: "we dispose of them." I remarked: 'you don't burn them to generate electricity and help run the plant?' He stopped on a dime, turned, looked at me and said: "hey, that's a really good idea." I stopped talking . . . When the tour was done, I asked if he wouldn't mind if I took about fifty pounds of the shells to mess with. He said I could have as much as I wanted. I had another idea about using those shells: making smoky barbecue.

In 2023 we will be celebrating two decades of shamelessly promoting the use of nutshell bbq fuel co-products we've branded as: Flavor-Fuel® & FlavorFuel®. We've been diligently cross-marketing those renewable fuels with our innovative grill accessory assemblies: SmokeCageTM. We invented the entire online retail category of flavoring smoke adjuncts and we are the go-to smoke flavor solution for outdoor cooking via our simple assemblies and sustainable fuels. We saved the trees as we sell the shells and the put the green in Greenville, Texas Ya'll!

The pioneering effort to innovate, brand and market repurposed co-products from several large agribusiness processing streams makes us unique in the world. Marketing the inherent benefits of renewable nutshell smoker fuel sources improves the issue of nearly flavorless gas grilled foods and adds depth to the traditional bbq cooking methods. When you're working with the big 'low & slow' cuts of meat as well as the 'hot & fast' items like: burgers, steaks, chops, fish and fowl, a SmokeCage(TM) cannot be beat! But boy howdy, have we been copied, as poorly made knock-offs abound.

Our products enhance traditional methods of outdoor cooking for all style grills, cookers and smokers by adding simple, pure smoke flavor via our hand-made and affordable grill accessories. They're made right here in Texas USA. We have been awarded as a 'Rural Development Innovator' by the North Texas Region Small Business Development Center and even competed as a Texas Strong competitor in the Waco innovator shootout of 2014. Got a nice shiny belt buckle to prove it too!

We remain a rural based agri-business. Our vertically integrated orchard and processing facility operations enhance our ability to fill orders throughout the year. We support the local Farmer's Markets. We offer our products online and at choice farm & ranch, and small hardware retail stores. We're glad that you stopped by. Now go buy something from us so you'll enjoy better food and have fun using the accessories you purchased.