FlavorFuel® Pistachio Nutshells



Enjoy grilling with the genuine woodsmoke flavor offered from natural pistachio nutshells.

Creates a unique, nutty & mild woodsmoke. The exotic flavor profile offers a woodsmoke that works very well with most seafood. Create outstanding grilled bay scallops, extraordinary tuna steaks, or enhance your proud catch-of-the-day!  Package contains enough shells to cook multiple meals depending upon your cooing style and length of cook.

ALLERGEN NOTICE: Contains tree nut: Pistachio.
For unmatched flavor, use with any SmokeCage®.

We use the sustainable shells, not the trees!
Safe Arbor Fuels

Flavor-Fuel® is a U.S. Registered Trademark # 5,093,887

FlavorFuel® is a U.S. Registered Trademark # 5,444,490