FlavorFuel® Walnut Nutshells - Bulk



Enjoy grilling with the genuine woodsmoke flavor offered from natural walnut nutshells.

Creates a hardy woodsmoke. The stout smoke offers a deeper flavor profile that goes well with red meats like beefsteak, lamb, ostrich, and generally most game (elk, deer, bison).  Package contains enough shells to cook multiple meals depending upon your cooking style and length of cook.

ALLERGEN NOTICE: Contains tree nut: Walnut.

For unmatched flavor, use with any SmokeCage®.

We use the sustainable shells, not the trees!

Safe Arbor Fuels

Flavor-Fuel® is a U.S. Registered Trademark # 5,093,887

FlavorFuel® is a U.S. Registered Trademark # 5,444,490